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The sun was shining through bronze and pearl clouds and the blossom

starting to burst on the trees as we drove through the North

Worcestershire countryside on our way home from a wonderful

afternoon to celebrate the fortieth anniversary of the Francis Brett

Young Society. This was such an appropriate end to our visit; surely

one that Francis would have appreciated. Earlier we had arrived at

Worcester Cathedral in sunshine after sleet showers and squalls of rain.

The Cathedral was magnificent in the afternoon sun with the

surrounding hawthorn coming into leaf.

We had a chance to view the FBY exhibition to which so many people

had made a contribution. I really enjoyed looking at the embroidered

banner of his book covers, so lovingly and imaginatively made. The

long, printed banners were eye catching with their quotes from Francis

together with contemporary photos. The figures, so carefully dressed

brought his poetry to life.

Next, we all went to the Cloister café for excellent cakes, tea and

coffee. The climax of the visit was Choral Evensong, so moving from

our seats in the choir as the sun was going down and shining through

the stained-glass windows. The singing was beautiful and the readings

well delivered by Anthony Brett Young, a nephew of Francis and by

Jean Hadley, the secretary of our society with Dr Michael Hall leading

the prayers of intercession. The sermon by the Dean of Worcester, the

Very Reverend Dr Peter Atkinson was so appropriate. He remembered

one FBY book from his boyhood home, not from reading it but from

the maps of the Midlands and Worcestershire showing the places

mentioned in the story. He loved maps and pored over these. His

parents had come from Birmingham so he had heard talk of these

places but had only got to know this area when he came to Worcester

twelve years ago. This enabled him to discover the beauty of the

countryside around his new home and to research family connections.

He raised smiles when he said FBY didn’t think highly of clergymen!

He felt that Francis has given us a valuable social portrait of health

care in his time and that we should protect our NHS at all costs.

Finally, we all followed the choir and clergy out into the north transept

where Jonathan Brett Young, a nephew of Francis laid a wreath

beneath the FBY plaque and the Dean spoke of Francis’s skills as a

doctor and a storyteller. The choir sang a final anthem “They are at

rest” with words by John Henry Newman set to music by Elgar, both

with Midlands connections. This was fitting end to a memorable day.

C M Grimmitt

Evensong Worcester Cathedral. Letter of appreciation

Evensong Worcester Cathedral. Letter of appreciation

It was a real pleasure to attend the wonderful service on

Sunday afternoon in Worcester Cathedral.

I thought the addition of the costumes from the Ballad of

St. Kenelm greatly added to the exhibition and it’s always

a pleasure to find my bit on the banner!

The arrangements throughout the afternoon were superb

and the journey home in the evening sunshine seemed to be

a fitting end to the excursion.

Thank you

Sylvia Halford